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How to add crawl tickers with RSS feeds on moviejaySX playout with CG

How to add crawl tickers with RSS feeds on moviejaySX playout with CG.

The integrated character generator offers alphatransparency overlay of your station logo, saving money on purchase of a dedicated unit.

From a simple logo overlay up to complex projects with multiple graphics items, Flash animations, roll and crawl texts, news tickers, subtitling, RSS feeds and realtime XML tables.

The MoviejaySX/MoviejayHX CG Interface adds a powerful Character Generator:

  • Dedicated visual CG editor for extremely user friendly drag and drop editing mode. The visual CG editor allows to load/save the generated projects for quick and easy reuse inside the moviejaySX playout application (manual loading, scheduling, etc.)
  • Create even more complex projects by using any XML editor
  • Scheduling of graphic project and standard events (logos, texts, etc.)
  • News tickers (crawls and rolls) with automatic file tracking
  • Tables feature allows to show realtime statistics such as sport results and stock exchange.
  • Use of RSS feeds as source for tickers text.

These are some examples of how our CG Interface can be used:



Please watch this video with which we show you all the features of the Plug in CG Interface of our Playout systems: MoviejaySX and MoviejayHX

For more details please go to:

If you want Buy or rent our playout solution please go to:

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