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MediajayHX is a complete Media Asset Management (MAM) by Winjay

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MediajayHX is a complete Media Asset Management (MAM) system designed to store, control, search and reuse any kind of video clip and multimedia resources, from and to any application or existing system. MediajayHX is completely integrated end-to end production system: a distributed digital video solution based on a client/server architecture.

File any multimedia content in “any video format” from multiple workstations in your LAN, browse and retrieve by keywords, drag and drop results to your editing or playout applications with an incredible ease of use never seen before !

Playout integration

MediajayHX is completely integrated with moviejaySX and HX playout automation, being possible to quickly drag and drop archived files to the on-air queue for instant playback. This way, search result sets can be imemdiately turned into easely reusable contents.

Multiformat engine

The multiformat archiving and browsing engine supports all the most common file audio/video formats such as H.264, HEVC.265, AVI, MPEG-2, DVCPRO, MXF, QuickTime, MP4, etc., saving time compared to long conversion procedures.

Customize your licence

MediajayHX is engineered on a multiuser structure, allowing to connect as many users and LAN workstations as required. Some special and advanced features are kept as options, allowing to save money on initial purchase, while adding more later.

Easy locating

The powerful search engine allows quick search and retrieve of filed records matching your criteria. You may restrict search by date/time interval, boolean operators, group, source media, subject name, excluded words, relational switches.

Perfect transactions

The mySQL database engine offers virtually zero-maintenance integrity for your valuable data, high speed, reliable transactions and concurrent queries into a multiuser, multichannel configuration.

Multilevel access

Multiuser environment: users are been granted access to Mediajay through multi-level passwords assigned by the system administrator: this way, data inside the database are fully protected against unauthorized access.

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