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Do you really believe that buying a software is still the best option ?

Buy or Rent

Whether you run a cable channel, a playout center satellite or web TV, you need some kind of automation software.

Traditionally, we consider a software as something to buy, i.e. buying a license as the only available option. But you might have noticed that nowadays many companies such as Adobe are offering rental plans for their products.

A one-time-buy license means you purchase the right to use an application, forever. It sounds great because it’s yours and you can use whenever you require. Everything sounds perfect at purchase time but what if you update your hardware and the application is not compatible anymore ? What if you require any new feature ? You have to purchase a new license of the latest version. That’s how it used to work, and we were okay with it.

A monthly subscription, on the other hand, offers a different way to get the tools you need: you “buy” the right to use that application just for the corresponding period. From a customer’s perspective used to “own” a license it may seem like a weird idea to keep paying in order to continue using an application. And speaking of the past that may be correct but in this article, we discuss four reasons why nowadays purchasing a subscription to a software instead of buying may end up as the best solution for your requirements.

4 reasons why
  1. No upfront cost. Are you just starting a channel on limited budget ? A one-time-buy means affording a consistent upfront cost. Going for a monthly subscription means removing that sizable upfront cost. You now have smaller, more manageable payments on a regular schedule.
  2. Flexible-Use Cases. The nature of subscriptions plans provides added flexibility in how you can use them. Are you starting as a basic web TV but planning 4K cable broadcasting ? The one-time-buy approach forces to buy the most expensive license from the beginning. Instead, monthly subscription enables you to scale up or down and get the exact features you require as your business grows.
  3. Added benefits. A monthly subscription package not only offers the right to use the software but includes as well technical support and regular upgrades, so you will always be up to date with no extra costs. A one-time-buy usually includes startup support and update service, but nowadays that operating systems are automatically updated on daily bases to fix security issues, once the free period expires you will need to pay some fee to extend such service.
  4. Simplify ROI determination. ROI stands for Return On Investment. When purchasing a one-time-buy license, you know the price you paid for the software, but you don’t know how long you will be able to use it until you require an update. It could be one year, or it could be five. The longer you wait, the less it costs. But the longer you wait to update, the more issues you will be facing with outdated software. Finally, imagine you’re just trying to start a channel, still with unknown perspectives. Then, a monthly subscription will indeed be the best choice.

Questions and answers
Questions and answers

Is there any minimum required period for subscribing to a WINJAY application ?

You can subscribe for as short as 1-month without any further obligation.

Should I decide to subscribe for a long-term project, is there any way to renew my subscription automatically to avoid any off-air ?

In that case, just select the “Automatic renewal” option from our online shop. Your subscription will be renewed automatically monthly, while allowing you to cancel anytime.

Do I get any discount if I subscribe for long term ?

We want to you to be our long-term customer and so the answer is yes. You are welcome to get in touch and receive your special reserved discount.

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